HOSPITALITY KAZAKHSTAN (Community Based Tourism)
HOSPITALITY KAZAKHSTAN (Қоғамдастыққа негізделген туризм)
HOSPITALITY KAZAKHSTAN (Туризм, основанный на сообществах)

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Almaty is a garden city at the foot of the emerald Alatau mountains

Almaty is located in Southeast part of the country at the foot of the North Slope of Zailysisky Alatau at an altitude 600-900 meters above sea level. Population of the city is approximately 1,7 million of people .

The name of city «Almaty» comes from the word – apple. These places are famous with apple variety. Almaty Aport was emerged here. Some sources claim that in ancient times it was on this place, on the famous caravan road of Silk Road, that the commercial settlement of Almaty was located.

Verny city arose near the ruins of the ancient city in 1854. During the years of Soviet Union city was renamed Alma-Ata, Alma-Ata was the capital of Kazakhstan from 1929 to 1997, so unofficial name “southern capital” was assigned to it.

The southern capital is rightfully considered as cultural center of the republic. The city provides great opportunities for cultural and outdoor activities. There are a huge number of theaters, museums, more than 100 monuments of history, architecture and monumental art. There are several green recreation parks, restaurants and nightclubs, plenty of cinemas, circus, and about thousand sports facilities.


Come to us in Almaty! We are waiting for you!

Koktobe is an amusement park and the best place to view the city at night (1070 meters above sea level).

Independence Monument on Republic Square and sculptural compositions are symbols of the history of the ancient Kazakh land.

The glory memorial, a memory alley in the park of 28 Panfilov heroes who died in the battle for Moscow during the Second World War.

More than 20 mosques are In Almaty (Mubarak Islamic Cultural Center and university).

The Ascension Cathedral of the Russian Orthodox Church is one of the nine outstanding monuments of wooden buildings in the world.

The city has many amazing museums and art galleries. Visit the Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan and A. Kasteev Museum of Fine Arts.

Ice, sun, mountains! Let’s ride on the unique high-mountain skating rink Medeo in a picturesque gorge, located at a distance of 15 km from the city!

The ski slopes of downhill and giant slalom in the Shymbulak ski resort (2260 m above sea level) are waiting for you, they are among the ten most difficult tracks in the world.

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