HOSPITALITY KAZAKHSTAN (Community Based Tourism)
HOSPITALITY KAZAKHSTAN (Қоғамдастыққа негізделген туризм)
HOSPITALITY KAZAKHSTAN (Туризм, основанный на сообществах)

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You will visit amazing places, you will be welcomed by hospitable hosts!
Korgalzhyn - the edge of protected trails

Welcome to Korgalzhyn!

Korgalzhyn National Park has been nominated to the UNESCO World Natural Heritage List. Virgin steppes and lakes are habitats of wolves, wild boar and saiga, numerous species of birds.

The lakes here are a place where large numbers of birds gather (15 million birds can feed on Lake Tengiz alone), especially in spring and summer (mid-April to October). The Korgalzhyn reserve is home to the world's northernmost population of pink flamingos, which live here from May to October.

Korgalzhyn village, located 45 km from the reserve, is a good start to your trip to the region. In the administrative building of the reserve the NGO "Rodnik" is located, which organizes ecotourism trips and accommodation in the guesthouses, as well as help to get acquainted with the wildlife of the region, relax in nature, cook ears and fish for a rod.

Before entering the reserve, all visitors must register with the administration and pay the appropriate fee. Citizens of Kazakhstan and the CIS should have a copy of their identity card and taxpayer identification number, and tourists from other countries should have an identity document. In order to visit the Reserve it is necessary to call the Reserve administration in advance by phone 8-31637-21 650 and inform about your intention.

The administration works from 09.30-13.00 and from 14.30-17.30 from Monday to Friday.

How to get there

From Astana: by bus or minibus

  • Four times a day at certain hours between Astana and Korgalzhyn there are buses/route taxis (Gazelle brands). The trip takes 2-2.5 hours.
  • Tickets (from KZT 350 to one way) can be purchased at the bus station, usually the ticket offices of Korgalzhyn bus station open half an hour before the departure of the bus. Tickets can be bought in advance.

By taxi

  • Alternatively, from the railway station of Astana in the village of Korgalzhyn go taxis between 11:00-13:00 hours (from 700 tenge) and if you want to go without passengers then about 3000 tenge.
  • From Korgalzhyn to Astana you can leave early in the morning from 7 to 8 o'clock by taxi by prior arrangement.
  • The administration of the reserve organizes a car, which takes tourists to the reserve. The driver's knowledge of the area and habitats of birds and animals is irreplaceable, given the vast territory of the reserve.

You can plan and order a trip to Korgalzhyn in advance through NPO Rodnik (Borovoye, tel: 8 (31637) 21043, e-mail: oorodnik@mail.ru) or through the Information Resource Center for Ecotourism.
Contacts: Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty, Shevchenko Street, 14, sq.2, tel: +7 727 293 84 23, +7 727 2 93 83 80, Email: info@hospitality-kazakhstan.kz

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