HOSPITALITY KAZAKHSTAN (Community Based Tourism)
HOSPITALITY KAZAKHSTAN (Қоғамдастыққа негізделген туризм)
HOSPITALITY KAZAKHSTAN (Туризм, основанный на сообществах)

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You will visit amazing places, you will be welcomed by hospitable hosts!
Mangystau is one of the most ancient and mysterious places on our planet.

Mangystau is an archeological reserve in open air, which has 11 thousand of unique monuments and plenty of ancient underground mosques, diverse of healing sources, amazing sandy beaches.

Great mountain Sherkala looks like upside-down cup. Sherkala has a lot of ancient caves, which reveal secrets of past civilizations. Some local people afraid of visiting them, because they think that these caves are under the protection of powerful spirits. For reaching the top people need a special equipment.

There are ruins of the ancient city Kyzyl-Kala at the foot of the mountain Sherkala, which was founded in the 10th century. Here constantly take place digs, in which have found valuable artifacts, such as Bali amber, glass from Egypt and India, Chinese jade.

Ustyurt plateau is located on the ancient ocean Tethys, which emerged more than fifty millions years ago. From the peak of plateau (350 m) people can view open-space desert surroundings of Ustyurt with rare giant plants and discreetly come into contact with eternity.

For many years scientists try to reveal reason of emerging of Valley of the Balls and its chaotic dispersed balls of stone in desert. Mysterious view and too good shape of the balls are forced many tourists to think about aliens’ intervention.

Karagiye (132 meters below the world ocean level) is one of the deepest place on our planet. It is also well-known as anomaly zone. Hundreds of witnesses observed unidentified flying objects above it. There are legends about hidden valuable treasures and a lot of people find in rocky gorges fascinating discovery.

Underground mosques of Mangystau region

Underground mosque Shakpak-Ata. . It was created by the nature and was perfectly finished by great masters. According to the legend here lived a powerful healer Shakpak-Ata. This place still remains his power and helps all the visitors to get rid of diseases.

Another underground mosque Beket-Ata, who was well-known as famous healer, builder, prophetic and brave warrior. Some people say that visiting of his tomb able to heal the hardest diseases. It is considered that location of rooms here the same as in the Cheops Pyramid. Pligrims notice that mosque has a terrific acoustics.

Ancient burial complex Necropol and underground mosque Shopan-Ata. Mosque is made in the huge scale. Here are stone headstones, which dated 10th and 13th centuries and ancient burial buildings. Also here is buried Shopan-Ata, who found this mosque. The powerful energy and surprising legend of the mosque will surprise tourists and pilgrims.

After being in Mangystau one time, necessarily you will want to come back again and again, in order to one more time view this incredible beauty and to feel contact with wonderful nature.

You can plan your trip to Mangystau in advance through Ecological information resource center of ecotourism.
Contacts: Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty, Shevchenko Street, 14, apt. 2, tel .: +7 727 293 84 23, +7 727 2 93 83 80. Email: ecocentre.kz@gmail.com

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