HOSPITALITY KAZAKHSTAN (Community Based Tourism)
HOSPITALITY KAZAKHSTAN (Қоғамдастыққа негізделген туризм)
HOSPITALITY KAZAKHSTAN (Туризм, основанный на сообществах)

Contacts: Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty, Shevchenko Street, 14, apt. 2, tel .: +7 727 293 84 23, +7 727 2 93 83 80
Email: info@hospitality-kazakhstan.kz, ecocentre.kz@gmail.com



Settlement Kaskasu, Boldyberek, Dikhancol, Lenger
Kaskasu: 2 * 2-6 beds;
Boldyberek: 3 * 4-12 local guest houses;
Lenger: 1 local guest, house 5 beds + yurt
Shymkent (air, railroad, bus, minibus - 80 km), on a registered passenger transport back and forth 6000 tenge.
Season of stay1 Season of stay 1-12, 5! 9! months!
Kaskasu, Boldyberek: 4000 tenge accommodation and meals, outdoor facilities, sauna
Lenger: 5000 tenge accommodation and meals, home amenities, sauna
Mountains and gorges of Sairam-Ugam National Park
Sairam, Turkestan, Sauran, Otrar, Shymkent
Hiking and horseback riding, rafting
SettlementZhabagly, Tulkubas
1) Zhenya´s & Lyuda’s Boarding House, 26 beds, double rooms, each with bathroom unit and toilet;
2) 3 family houses (6-10 beds), 2 houses have shower and toilet;
3) Guest house "Ruslan", double rooms, toilets and bathrooms units in the house, also guest house in the mountains, yurt.
1) 1 guest house (4 beds), two rooms, shower and toilet in the house
Shymkent (air, rail - 100 km), Tulkubas (rail, bus - 20 km), Aktobe or Moscow or Atyrau, to the station Tulkubas, meeting by car or bus on request
Season of stay Season 1-12, 5! 9! Months!
From 12500 tenge to 15000 tenge per a day, all amenities in the house. Accommodation and meals.
High mountains of Aksu-Zhabagly reserve and steppe mountains of Karatau reserve
Sairam, Turkestan, Sauran, Otyrar, Shymkent, Aisha-Bibi, Taraz
Hiking, horseback riding, climbing, one-day, multi-day overnight stays only for scientific tourism
Settlement Saty
70 guest houses, по 2-6 мест
Almaty (air, rail. – 280 km), Saty (bus from Almaty), one way car (taxi) 2500 tenge
Season of stay 1-12, 6-9 Months
6000-8000 tenge. Accommodation and meals, all facilities for comfortable living
Kolsay lakes, Kaindy lake, Shelek valley, Charyn canyon, Bartogai reservoir
Museum of national types of hunting «Zhety Kazyna» in Nura village
Hiking and horse trails, fishing, rafting
Settlement Talgar (Almalyk, Lebedinka, from Kazakh language: Akku)
Talgar: 3 guesthouses of 4 - 12 beds
Almaty (air, rail - 25 km), Almaty (air, rail - 25 km), Talgar (bus from Almaty - 25 km), by bus - Talgar (bus station Sayakhat) to Talgar, then by taxi
Season of stay 12-2, 5-9 months
4000-5000 tenge comfort in the house, 4000 tenge overnight stay and meals
Right and Left Talgar Gorges in Almaty Reserve
Museum of the reserve
Hiking trails, climbing to Talgar peak
Settlement Shashubai
1 guest house for 4 beds, by agreement also a sanatorium and dzhailyau (summer pasture)
Almaty, Astana (air - 600 km), Balkhash (railway, bus - 15 km), direct bus from Almaty
Season of stay 5-9, 12-2 months
3000 tenge without meals
Lake Balkhash, Bektau Ata mountains
Soviet architecture of Balkhash
Sport and winter fishing
Settlement Korgalzhyn, Sadyrbai
4 guest houses with 4-12 beds
Astana (air, railway - 200 km), Korgalzhyn (bus - 1000 tenge), taxi 3000 tenge
Season of stay 4-9 months
7000 tenge accommodation and meals, all amenities in the house
UNESCO World Natural Heritage: Tengiz and Korgalzhyn Lake
Sport and winter fishing, cycling tours
Settlement Sandyktau
4 guest houses with 4 beds
Astana (300 km - air), Kokshetau (90 km - rail), Sandyktau (bus), as well as registered passenger transport
Season of stay 5-9 months, 12-2 months
5000 tenge, amenities in the house
Woodlands, hills, lakes
Excavation of the Botai culture
Hiking, skiing, cycling, fishing
Settlement Balkashino
Boarding house for 50 beds
Astana (300 km - air), Kokshetau (90 km - rail), Balkashino (1700 tenge by bus, 7000 tenge by minibus)
Season of stay 5-9 months, 12-3 months
Accommodation from 1500 tenge per a day, to have 3 times meals a day extra 1700 tenge per a day, amenities in the house.
Forests, hills, lakes
Excavation of the Botai culture
Hiking and skiing tours (there is a ski piste), cycling, fishing, gymnasium
Settlement Karkaraly
2 guest houses with 4 beds
Astana (air, rail - 500 km), Karaganda (air, rail - 180 km), Karkaraly (bus)
Season of stay 5-10, 12-2 months
7000 tenge accommodation and meals, all amenities in the house
Forests, lakes, mountains of the national park
The town of Karkaralinsk, excavations in the Kent mountains
Hiking, horseback riding and skiing tours, bicycle tours
Settlement Ridder, apiary in Taiga, village Poperechnoye, East Kazakhstan region on the border with the Republic of Mountainous Altai (Russia)
1 guest house in Ridder witg 8 beds, 5 guest houses in Poperechnoye village with 4-6 beds
Ust-Kamenogorsk (air, railway - 200 km), Ridder (bus)
Season of stay 6-10, 12-3 months
7000-8000 tenge accommodation and meals
West Altai Reserve: mountain taiga, lakes, geological phenomena
The Ridder city is a mining town, a dam
Hiking and skiing tours, snowmobile tours, rafting, climbing, grayling on the Black Uba rivers
Settlement Uryl, Chernovoe, Maimyr, Urynkhai
5 guest houses with 3-10 beds
Ust-Kamenegorsk (air, rail – 280 km), Katon-Karagai (bus – 20-60 km)
Season of stay 5-10, 12-3 months
10000 tenge. accommodation and meals, all amenities out of the house
Katon-Karagai National Park and Markakol reserve: mountain taiga, lakes, Belukha mountain, maralnik flowers
Berelsky excavations (Saka'si mounds)
Hiking, horse riding and skiing tours, snowmobile tours, rafting, climbing
Settlement Sarkand, Lepsinsk, Amanbocter
3 guest houses with 8-10 beds
Almaty (air, rail - 600 km), Usharal, Kabanbai (bus - 60-100 km)
Season of stay 5-10, 12-2 months
1700 tenge accommodation, amenities outdoors
Lakes of Alakol reserve, mountains and foothills of Dzungar Alatau
The remains of the Cossack villages of the 19th century
Hiking, horseback riding and skiing tours, rafting, climbing
Settlement Shabanbai Bi
7 guest houses with 4-6 beds
Karaganda (air, railway - 290 km), Aktogay (railway, bus)
Season of stay 4-10 months
6500 Tenge, all amenities outside the house
Kyzylaraysk mountains and its highest point, Aksoran, cave Awlia
Begazy necropolis (bronze age), stone sculptures (balballs) of the Turkic period
Hiking and cycling tours, climbing the highest mountain in Saryarka, Aksoran
Settlement Basshi, Taigaq, Zhantogai, Gypsy
5 guest houses with 5-10 beds
Almaty (air, railway - 250 km), Saryozek (railway, bus - 70 km)
Season of stay 1-12 months
4000 - 6500 tenge (without lunch), amenities in the house, plus entrance to the reserve
Altyn-Emel National Park. Singing dunes, Valikhanov spring, white and red mountains, Mynbulak oasis, kulans and gazelles.
Beshatyr mounds
Autotours, hiking tours
Settlement Senek, Shair, Akmyshtau and in tents
By arrangement
Aktau (airline, rail. – 250 km)
Season of stay 4-10 months
Arrangements, facilities outside the house
Ustyurt reserve with magnificent landscapes, mouflons and gazelles, Karatau and Akmyshtau mountains, geological phenomena, beaches and coastal canyons
Underground mosques (Sufi caves), dozens of necropolises, excavations of Kyzyl Kala
Autotours, bicycle tours
Settlement Almaty region, Karasai district, Tau-Zholy village
1 guest house with 5-10 beds
Almaty (bus, taxi)
Season of stay 1-12 months
4500 Tenge, amenities in the house, plus entrance to the reserve
Ile-Alatau National Park
Aksai monastery
Autotours, hiking tours
Tourist base "Ruslan"
Settlement South Kazakhstan, Shymkent city, Zhabagly village
1 guest house with 11 beds, 2 rooms
From Shymkent to the village of Turar Ryskulov by bus, then to the Zhabagly village by taxi
Seasons of stay 1-12 months
7000 tenge (accommodation and meals)
Aksu-Zhabagly reserve
Aksu-Zhabagly reserve
Hiking and horse routes, guided excursions in the surroundings, tours on the farm

The Ecotourism Information Resource Center (EIRCI) will help you organize your trips and find it interesting to spend some time.
To make a reservation for the guest house, please send an e-mail request to: ecocentre.kz@gmail.com, info@hospitality-kazakhstan.kz
Contact information:
Address: Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty, Shevchenko Street, 14, sq.2,
tel: +7 727 293 84 23, +7 727 2 93 83 80
Opening hours: Mon-Fri, 9 a.m.-6 p.m., break: from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m

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